Terms and Conditions

Please note that your submitted registration information is FINAL. XS BACCHANAL is not responsible for any order made to your registered size which does not fit true to size. No refund claims can be made on that basis.
It is important for each masquerader to submit their own email address and phone number upon registration. Your registration cannot be completed without it. (It will also help us to notify you of updates on your XS BACCHANAL).

The $100.00 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit payment will only guarantee a space in the band. In order to confirm your XS BACCHANAL wear and size preference, 75% of your package cost must be paid by May 1st 2019. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the XS BACCHANAL wear being put back into inventory for sale or the reveler will have to select a XS BACCHANAL wear from the sections and sizes available at the time.

ALL masqueraders are required to provide all size and selection preference information at registration. Please review size charts to confirm your size selection.

The $100.00 NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE deposit must be attached with each completed registration form to confirm your costume with XS BACCHANAL for Atlanta-Dekalb Carnival 2019. A registration is considered complete only when accompanied by the NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE deposit.


* Exchange or switching of XS BACCHANAL packages WILL NOT be facilitated upon completion of your registration.

* Changing of measurements or sizes WILL NOT be facilitated after registration is complete.

* Package transfers WILL NOT be facilitated after registration is complete


* A deposit payment will only guarantee a space in the band. In order to confirm you package and size preference, at least 100% of your costume must be paid BEFORE COSTUME PICK UP. Any balance payments not made before costume collection, will result in FORFEITING of your deposit, .

XS BACCHANAL does not change the name on existing registrations. If the owner of the package wishes to sell their package to another, they must provide the purchaser with and Original Costume Receipt, signed transfer letter, clear copy of owner’s ID. (Name and signature on ID must match those on receipt and transfer letter). Purchaser will still be subject to the payment of the 50% non-refundable, non-transferable deposit payment to guarantee a space in the band.

* Currency exchange rates are controlled by the financial institutions of the USA. We advise that you request all processing fees from your bank before completion of your transaction.

Please read all information on our FAQ’s and email your concerns to xsbacchanal@gmail.com before proceeding with your registration, as this will help you in your queries about XS BACCHANAL and the registration process.

The management of XS BACCHANAL advises that all band members are responsible for their own safety and the security of their personal possessions during all public processions and appearances of the band. We will not be held liable for all and any injury, damage, loss to person and property by any fellow member, third party or independent contractor. Each individual player participates at their own risk. Completing registration waives all rights to claims for use of photographic or video images of yourself in any promotional media.

Rights Release: Registrant authorizes XS BACCHANAL and by extension Atlanta Carnival Band Council and/ or its agents, consignees, or accredited personnel to photograph, film, broadcast, record, video-tape, or audio-tape, the band’s performance (including all individual portrayals) and to incorporate the performance in a live or delayed broadcast, videotape, compact Disc, DVD, or any such audiovisual fixation. XS BACCHANAL and by extension Atlanta Carnival Band Council shall have the right to manufacture, sell, distribute and otherwise utilize throughout the world via direct delivery, electronic media, internet, or otherwise embodying the said performance.