About XS Bacchanal

Formed in December 2015, XS BACCHANAL aims to enhance the carnival product by delivering an all inclusive “Reveler Oriented Mas Band”; distinguishing ourselves by delivering a package which includes colorful, jaw dropping, sexy costumes, unlimited drinks, food and great music. We seek to provide an environment that appeals to the young, infused by the party spirit of the Caribbean, inciting the euphoria of Carnival in all its glory and splendor. 

The band’s numbers and structure are closely managed to allow the team behind XS BACCHANAL  to focus on presenting a product of quality to each of our members. However, the XS BACCHANAL experience does not begin and end with the actual jump, alternately, prior to taking it to the road, XS BACCHANAL will host a series of events, the first being our  Band Launch and Costume Reveal party.

XS BACCHANAL makes a commitment to set the bar high for delivering on satisfaction to its revellers, fans and supporters,  and is focused on sustaining this great standard every Carnival season. We will be the epitome of fun, energy and  revelry, in an electrifying environment that ensures the safety of its revellers and their enjoyment. The band takes pride in catering to its clientele with great care and appreciation, providing them with nothing but the best. Every reveller will feel like a VIP this Carnival with XS BACCHANAL.